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Strand Woven: World's Toughest Bamboo Flooring

It seems that everyone loves the look of bamboo flooring, but because it’s not a floor most know too much about or don’t see much, you might have questions about its durability or ease of maintenance.

Many would love bamboo for the kitchen, and since it’s one of the most well-used areas of the home, durability and maintenance become even greater concerns. The good news is there’s a perfect bamboo flooring for kitchens. The better news is it’s very affordable.

Strand woven bamboo is in a class of its own. They are unlike traditional bamboo floors in that the bamboo is first shredded, then bonded back together using a combination of heat and resins. When made the way it’s supposed to be made it can up to four times harder than oak flooring and can have a Janka rating of up to 5150 (Northern Red Oak is 1250).

Also sometimes as known as "stranded" or "strand" bamboo, these floors are increasing in popularity for homes and businesses alike. It’s becoming more and more common to see these floors in office buildings, stores and other commercial outlets because of their toughness and ease to maintain. If strand woven bamboo floors can stand up in these areas, they’ll do just fine in your kitchen or other popular areas of your home.

Because of the way its manufactured, there’s also a lot of versatility. Beautiful hand scraped, distressed, and wire brushed finishes create feels from contemporary to rustic, antique style wood floors. The colors range from natural shades to rich, chocolate and deep burgundy. Simply put, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find one of these floors that you’ll absolutely love.

If you’re looking for a bamboo floor that has a wood floor feel and the toughness of a commercial floor, you won’t do any better than strand woven bamboo.

About Strand Bamboo Floors:

  • Made from FSC Certified Eco-Friendly Bamboo
  • Up To Four Times Harder Than Red Oak
  • Available In Stained, Natural And Carbonized
  • Offered In Hand Scraped And Distressed Finishes
  • Excellent For Kitchens And High Traffic Areas

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