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Receiving Your Flooring Order

What To Expect:

These are a few helpful tips to help you receive your order in a timely and efficient manner.

First, how much does your shipment weigh? If your shipment is approximately 100lbs or less, it will more than likely ship with UPS or FedEx. If your shipment is going with UPS or FedEx, keep an eye out for an email from our fulfillment team with the tracking number and be sure to visit or for updates. You will not be required to sign for the package.

For those shipments that weigh over 100lbs, your shipment will more than likely be shipped using an LTL carrier. The LTL carrier will be decided after an estimated shipping date is set. Once you have the name of the carrier and the tracking number, it is recommended that you that you contact the carrier to set up appointment; this puts the power in your hands and prevents you from having to wait to hear from the carrier. This will also place urgency on your order as they will be aware that you are actively awaiting it. It is equally important to record the names of the people you speak with so that, if necessary, you may refer back to it. Some carriers may contact you with unexpected charges and requests. If this occurs, please contact immediately. It is highly recommended that you contact the carrier again on the day of your delivery appointment so that you may confirm the appointment.
Please Note: Residential curbside deliveries are curbside deliveries and you ARE expected to move the materials from the curb into your home so please plan accordingly. We want your delivery experience to be as easy as possible, so we pay a premium price for a lift gate to be used on each delivery. The LTL carrier should move the shipment from the truck to the ground for you.

When the carrier delivers the materials, the following steps will ensure that should you have any difficulties, they will be handled properly. This will also allow you to receive proper compensation. If you do not follow the steps below, you will be responsible for filing the claim against the carrier yourself. However, if the steps are followed properly, will file a claim on your behalf and either credit you for the damaged materials or replace them. Please also note that any refused shipments without the consent of will be treated as a return with all of the associated costs. Please see our return policies to know what those associated costs are.

  • Inspect freight for damages. It is up to you to inspect the pallet before signing for the product. Please take the time to go through and look at each carton. Even small indicators such as rips in the surrounding plastic can be indicative of improper handling of your order. Check the shrink wrap on your pallet to see if it is intact. If it is not, please make a note of that on the Delivery Receipt.
  • Check your invoice or your order confirmation to verify that you have received the proper quantity of materials. Please verify the presence of the smaller materials such as moldings (probably in a tube), glue, and underlayment. These may be packed together in some cases so be certain to check for every item. Any missing items should be noted on the Delivery Receipt as "short," i.e. "short of..." If you believe that there are missing items, please make sure you note those on the delivery receipt and the delivering carrier and will determine the source of the loss. It may be necessary to keep the materials in question for carrier inspection.
  • After you have verified that no materials are damaged and missing, you may sign the delivery receipt indicating as much.
  • Should the unfortunate circumstance of damage or shortage happen on your delivery, please call your sales representative at and they can start a case for you. The claims team will contact you to gather information about your damage or shortage and begin the process of helping you get the materials you need.

Congratulations! You are now ready to receive your order and are fully armed with information to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.