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About iFLOOR

It began with the thought that if things like electronics and books could be purchased on the internet, why not flooring? It had never been done and many thought it was impossible. They claimed that consumers would need to touch the flooring and a picture couldn’t tell the story. We agreed and solved that by mailing samples. Those who were willing to wait a few days could view their samples in their own time, their own space, click a couple of buttons and have their new flooring within days. That’s how we became the first internet flooring store in the world.

It’s safe to say that buying floors on the internet has become the norm and with that a level of trust must be established. It wasn’t enough to provide the lowest prices, but equally important to provide a higher level of service than one would receive anywhere else.

Buying floors can be a confusing process regardless of the amount of information provided. This is why we’ve put the system in place to make shopping easy and getting the expert help you need even easier. It’s no accident that we have some of the happiest customers in the world, and we work hard to make them that way.
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