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Vinyl Plank Flooring

If searching for vinyl for the kitchen, bathrooms, or anywhere in your home, there's no better choice than easy to install click vinyl planks. The alternatives are many, but none are better than this practical and stylish flooring. Made from nearly impenetrable PVC and impregnated with aluminum oxide on the surface, vinyl flooring is virtually waterproof and very tough. Our click vinyl flooring is excellent for areas where moisture and high traffic are concerns. We buy and inventory an incredible amount of these floors. It's how we're able to offer the guaranteed lowest prices and the fastest shipping to your home. » Learn about iFLOOR Vinyl Flooring or see the Clearance Specials

About Our Selection of Vinyl Flooring

  • Made From Durable PVC
  • Wide Variety Of Wood Looks
  • Easy Click Installation
  • Highly Water Resistant
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  1. Brindle - 4mm Click Luxury Vinyl Plank

    Brindle - 4mm Click Luxury Vinyl Plank

    Sale Price: $3.59 /SF
    Brindle - 4mm Click Luxury Vinyl Plank Learn More
  2. Flaxen - 4mm Click Luxury Vinyl Plank

    Flaxen - 4mm Click Luxury Vinyl Plank

    Sale Price: $3.59 /SF
    Flaxen - 4mm Click Luxury Vinyl Plank Learn More
  3. Prairie - 4mm Click Luxury Vinyl Plank

    Prairie - 4mm Click Luxury Vinyl Plank

    Sale Price: $3.59 /SF
    Prairie - 4mm Click Luxury Vinyl Plank Learn More
  4. Peruvian Walnut - Spiced Tea

    Peruvian Walnut - Spiced Tea

    Sale Price: $4.31 /SF
    Peruvian Walnut - Spiced Tea Learn More
  5. Empire Bamboo - Caramel

    Empire Bamboo - Caramel

    Sale Price: $4.31 /SF
    Empire Bamboo - Caramel Learn More
  6. Walnut Ridge - Vintage Brown

    Walnut Ridge - Vintage Brown

    Sale Price: $4.31 /SF
    Walnut Ridge - Vintage Brown Learn More
  7. Peruvian Walnut - Tropical Coast

    Peruvian Walnut - Tropical Coast

    Sale Price: $4.31 /SF
    Peruvian Walnut - Tropical Coast Learn More
  8. Jatoba - Mahogany

    Jatoba - Mahogany

    Sale Price: $4.31 /SF
    Jatoba - Mahogany Learn More
  9. Peruvian Walnut - Mayan Gold

    Peruvian Walnut - Mayan Gold

    Sale Price: $4.31 /SF
    Peruvian Walnut - Mayan Gold Learn More
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Vinyl Flooring

For many years, vinyl was the most popular flooring choice for kitchens and baths. Many would install it throughout their homes due to its ease of maintenance and endurance. As an alternative to carpet, vinyl flooring wasn't a bad choice and looked better for longer.

Times would change with laminate flooring and the resurgence of hardwood flooring. Bamboo floors and cork floors would gain tremendous popularity, further making a dent in the demand of sheet vinyl floors. They're certainly still around, but rapidly being replaced by a host of durable and easy to maintain alternatives. One of those alternatives is click vinyl planks.

Much thicker than contemporary sheet vinyl floors, the higher quality click vinyl floors have a much more durable surface. They are considerably more resistant to gouges or dents and more resistant to moisture. They also don't require glue for installation by simply clicking into place. If you've ever seen a yellowing vinyl floor, that's a moisture issue either from the sub floor or the glue itself. With luxury click vinyl floors, this won't happen. They are as close to a waterproof flooring you can install.

For years manufacturers of sheet vinyl tried desperately to recreate the look of real wood, but no one was mistaking a vinyl floor for real hardwood. Click vinyl flooring has changed that. These floors look more like real wood than vinyl ever has and their durability is impressive. The aluminum oxide barrier and dense vinyl construction create a floor that's designed for the busiest of rooms.

Perfect as use for kitchen flooring, bathroom flooring, basement flooring and even playroom flooring, click vinyl planks offer an affordable solution for any room. If you need to learn more or we haven't answered your questions, call one of our factory trained flooring representatives and get the assistance you need.