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The Furniture Resource

Since prehistoric times, furniture has been a part of everyday life. Furniture as a topic is vast and can be a bit overwhelming when you are faced with all the information available. This guide offers links to sites on furniture history, antiques, furniture museum exhibits, furniture-making programs and associations to help you get started.

Furniture History History on materials, design, and furniture origins
Museum Furniture: Historical furniture information
Chinese Furniture: History of classical Chinese furniture
Legacy of Invention: History of furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames
France Era Co: History of furniture
French Heritage: French furniture history
Fine Woodworking: A short history of furniture design
Antique Furniture 123: Antique furniture history
Restorations Network: Brief history of furniture styles
Furniture Styles: Ancient Egyptian furniture styles


Collectors Weekly: About antique furniture
Chicago Appraisers: Antique furniture styles, guides and appraisal secrets
France2You: Galleries of French antiques
Sparrows: French period antiques
Newell: Gallery of 20th century antique furniture
EFI: Antique furniture information guide
FA Accents: Antique furniture glossary
LJR Windwake & Sons: Identifying antique furniture by period
Times Publishing: Recognizing age and construction of antique furniture
Treasured Things Antiques: Tips for collecting antique furniture


Nelson-Atkins: Chinese furniture exhibitions from the Ming dynasty
Victoria & Albert: Museum collection includes more than 14,000 pieces from Britain, Europe and America
The Frick Collection: Furniture collection from a variety of periods and places of origin
Royal Ontario Museum: 18th century Chinese furniture exhibit
Museum of Furniture: Furniture from 18th through the beginning of the 20th centuries is displayed


Scad: Furniture design classes and information
Job Profiles: Furniture designer job description Modern design trends
Goethe: German furniture design
Handicraft: Furniture design trends for 201


Center for Furniture Craftsmanship: Offers nine and twelve week intensives, workshops and fellowships for furniture-making
David Savage: Fine furniture-making school
New Hampshire Institute of Furniture Making: Study with a master furniture maker
J Miller: Furniture-making workshops for all skill levels
Philadelphia Furniture Workshop: A full service woodworking teaching studio