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Odd Lots

Odd lots are drastically discounted closeouts that are only available in limited quantities, while supplies last. In any one flooring odd lot, there might be enough to do a bathroom or a small home, and the entire odd lot must be purchased. (You can still save a ton!) If you're looking to save on closeout hardwood flooring, bamboo, laminate or even cork floors, and have a small to medium-sized floor project, you'll find some extraordinary deals right here. Don't see anything you like? Then check out our Blowout Flooring section. And as always,if you have any questions on any of these items, please feel free to call one of our factory trained experts at 1-800-454-3941.

  • 12mm Wire Brushed Saddle Walnut (Odd Lot 135.94 sq. ft.)

    Sale Price: $0.69 /SF
  • Prairie - 12mm Laminate (Odd Lot 116.52 sf)

    Sale Price: $0.75 /SF
  • Chocolate Brown - Laminate High Gloss 12mm (Odd Lot: 358.74 sq. ft.)

    Sale Price: $0.99 /SF
  • 3/8" Engineered Click Birch Blackstone 4-3/4" Wide (Odd Lot: 55.8 sq. ft.)

    Sale Price: $1.19 /SF
  • 5/8" Horizontal Natural Solid Bamboo Mixed Length (Odd Lot 142.86 sf)

    Sale Price: $1.59 /SF
  • 3/8" Engineered T&G Birch Hand Scraped Roxbury 5" Wide (Odd Lot 327.47 sq. ft.)

    Sale Price: $1.59 /SF
  • 9/16" Engineered Click Southern Oak Midnight 3-1/2" Wide (Odd Lot 113.96sf)

    Sale Price: $1.74 /SF
  • 5/8" Vertical Coffee Solid Bamboo (Odd Lot 47.62 /sf)

    Sale Price: $1.74 /SF
  • 9/16" Solid Strand Hand Scraped Bamboo - Carbonized Patina (Odd Lot: 114.10 sq. ft.)

    Sale Price: $1.79 /SF
  • 1/2" Engineered Click Santos Mahogany 5" Wide (Odd Lot 65.4 sf)

    Sale Price: $1.82 /SF
  • 1/2" Engineered T&G Birch Prairie 5" Wide (Odd Lot: 503.12 sq. ft.)

    Sale Price: $1.99 /SF
  • 3/8" Engineered Hand Scraped Elm Cinnamon 5" Wide (Odd Lot 297.7 sf)

    Sale Price: $1.99 /SF