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Vinyl Flooring: Construction, Styles and Finishes

We all remember linoleum and many of us still refer to sheet vinyl flooring as just that. But linoleum is actually a floor that was made of mostly natural materials and replaced by sheet vinyl due to the cost savings of using PVC.


These floors would continue to evolve until nearly perfected, now being offered in thick, durable, waterproof planks that look like real wood or bamboo flooring. They are offered in smooth, textured, and even distressed wood finishes.

Unlike natural materials that are porous and absorb water, these vinyl floors aren’t susceptible to the moisture penetration that causes swelling or buckling. If you’re looking for the perfect bathroom flooring, luxury vinyl planks are it.

The durability of these floors has changed the way we think about vinyl. Their dense construction makes them highly resistant to denting, while the impregnated aluminum oxide finish makes them extremely difficult to scratch and very easy to clean.