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Laminate Shopping Tips

Shopping for laminate flooring can be a confusing process. It seems everyone is making a laminate floor and the prices just keep dropping. Unfortunately, quality goes right along with it.

There are many steps that go into making a laminate floor, and if those steps aren't properly taken all sorts of problems can result. Inferior laminate floors are hard to install, their click mechanisms not adequately connecting the planks or arriving with crushed grooves that don't allow you to lock the floor into place properly. This is why it's imperative to choose a quality laminate floor that's made the correct way.

The strength of any laminate floor starts at the core, and iFLOOR DreamCore technology is the very best. It gives the ultimate in impact resistance and provides a stable foundation for your family. It's also made from recycled materials, so no harm comes to the environment. In fact, since it's made using the sawdust created from other floors being made, it's turning one floor's waste into a whole new floor.

Laminate flooring can be found with square edges, beveled edges and even hand scraped edges. Their surfaces can vary glossy to low luster and everything in between. The difference in these finishes won't affect the performance of the floor, it simply comes down to the look you like.

When shopping for laminate flooring, take into consideration the cost of flooring underlayment and any other materials needed to perform the job completely. While basic underlayment is adequate, it's always wise to consider upgrading to a cork underlayment or a rubber underlayment. Even if you choose a little lesser floor, a better quality underlayment can make a world of difference in performance.

Most people think that all laminates of a certain thickness are the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. Even though a laminate might be the same thickness as another, the two might vary greatly in overall quality. It's what you can't see that's the problem.

That's why it's important to choose a reputable manufacturer and one you know is going to be around. Saving a hundred dollars now can often cost thousands down the road, and who needs that? Do it right the first time and never do it again.