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Laminate Flooring AC Ratings

When looking for a laminate floor to put in your home, an important thing to look at is the AC Rating. AC stands for Abrasion Class. This rating was created to categorize durability and different types of uses. You can use this information to be sure that the laminate floor you choose is perfectly matched to where and how you will use the floor.

Below each category is broken down.

AC1 Light Residential
Built for light foot traffic in a residential setting. This would include bedrooms, closets, or any other area of a residential home that does not receive much foot traffic.

AC2 Residential
Built for foot traffic in a residential setting. This would include living/family rooms, dining rooms, or any area that does not see a high amount of foot traffic.

AC3 Heavy Residential
Built for heavy foot traffic in a residential setting. This would include most areas in a residential setting. In some cases, small offices without off-street traffic or hotel rooms can use laminate flooring with this AC rating.

AC4 Light Commercial
Built for light commercial applications. This would include small shops, offices, or hotel rooms that receive moderate commercial traffic.

AC5 Heavy Commercial
Built for heavy commercial applications. This would include department stores or public buildings/offices.

Normally, a higher the AC rating means a higher the price of the laminate flooring. It is also important to look at other factors in laminate such as the thickness and finish warranty. It is not uncommon for AC4 or AC5 laminate to be chosen to provide extra strength and longevity of the laminate floor for a residential home.
Laminate Flooring AC Rating