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Hardwood Flooring Shopping Tips

When shopping for hardwood flooring, the first thing you'll want to consider is where your new wood floor will be installed. Is it a room that gets a lot of traffic? What type of sub floor are you installing over? How long will you be living in the home? Are you installing it yourself? All of these are important questions, and all will have an impact on your final decision.

Most wood floors are made of oak, one of the harder woods and certainly one of the most popular. In fact, natural oak flooring is still one of the most popular floors around. While the quality of our finishes usually makes up for any differences in hardness, you can see the Janka Hardness scale to see which woods are the hardest.

First and foremost, if you're planning to install over a concrete slab, it's best to choose either an engineered hardwood floor or a click engineered HDF core wood floor. It's not advised to install solid wood floor over concrete, and while it can be done, it's not worth the trouble and there's really no upside. Whichever you choose, it's always recommended to install a moisture barrier when installing over concrete. Keep that in mind when you're figuring your final price.

Durability seems the biggest issue for most consumers, as everyone would like a floor that lasts longer, performs better and is easier to maintain. Unfortunately, you can't tell how many finish coats are used or the quality of that finish. This is pivotal in determining a hardwood floor's longevity, and why we only use a combination of the highest quality polyurethanes, aluminum oxide and more of it. Even our basic protection systems are better than the other manufacturer's top of the line finishes. Always check the manufacturer specifications to be sure you're getting the best finish for your dollar.