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Learning Center - Cork Flooring Benefits

Cork Flooring Benefits
Chances are the last time you shopped for flooring cork wasn’t even on your radar. And although we’ve used this material for over 100 years to make floors, many of us are just finding out what a great alternative it is to other types of floors.

One thing that consumers love is who environmentally friendly cork flooring can be. It’s made from the bark of the cork tree and harvested every 8-10 years. The tree itself is never cut down and continues its life.

Cork is full of a natural waxy substance called suberin that makes it naturally resistant to moisture, mold and mildew. It also helps retain the air that makes cork a great insulator.

If you’ve never walked on cork, you’re in for a treat. A common complaint about floors like tile, hardwood, laminate and even bamboo is the chill we feel when first putting our feet down. With cork, you’re essentially walking on a cushion of warm air. If you want a solution to cold flooring without having to install a radiant floor heating system, cork is probably for you.

Feel is one thing, performance is another and not just in how it wears. Many homes with high ceilings or thin walls are prone to echoes and sound traveling from room to room. The same properties that makes cork flooring a great insulator are what make it an excellent acoustical barrier.

Cork absorbs sound and because it compresses slightly, it also absorbs shock. Its natural resiliency makes it spring back into place, which is also why it can be better at resisting scratches caused by pets. The nature of cork gives way to pressure applied by pet claws and heavy feet.

Lastly, cork is easy to clean. Other than dust mopping here and there, only a damp mop is required to clean the floors. You specifically want to avoid harsh cleaning agents, something that customers with children and pets love.

So if you have a noisy house, achy joints, allergies, cold feet, chemical sensitivity, and you also need a new floor, order some cork flooring samples and see how stylish these floors are.