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Hardwood and Bamboo Janka Hardness Rating

Janka Hardness

How hard is it? If you’ve been shopping around for hardwood flooring, you’ve probably seen Janka Hardness Scale Or Janka Rating quite a bit. What’s it mean?

Simply put, the Janka hardness rating measures how hard a particular wood is. To determine this rating, a steel ball is pressed into the surface of the wood. The more force required, the higher the rating.

In the end, all hardwood floors are susceptible to denting. Some woods are harder to dent than others and the quality of the surface finish is certainly a factor. The important thing to remember when purchasing a wood floor is that it’s a natural material that requires care. That means slip off the high heels at the door, wipe off the boots and keep the floor free of dirt and other gritty substances that can scratch the surface.

Hardwood and Bamboo Janka Hardness Chart