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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a practical choice for just about anywhere in your home. Its ease to install and toughness have made it a popular alternative to hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring and ceramic tile. iFLOOR has an excellent selection laminate flooring in a wide variety of colors, styles and textures. Our direct link to the factories, volume buying power and large warehouse inventory mean you get the biggest discounts on brand name laminates and the fastest shipping to your home. » Learn about iFLOOR Laminate Flooring or see the Clearance Specials

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Laminate Flooring, A Popular Choice

In the mid-nineties, laminate flooring would make a monster splash and quickly grabbed an overwhelming 37% of the flooring marketplace. Its wood look, durability and ease to install gave consumers the alternative they needed for kitchens, baths and even the main living areas of the home.

Laminate floors are comprised of a photo of wood attached an HDF core. The surface of is impregnated with aluminum oxide creating an ultra-tough wear layer. The best laminate floors are even resistant to flame, permanent markers, and are virtually impossible to scratch. Its this durability that has led many consumers right to it, and these floors have only gotten better with time.

The first laminate floors were floating floors, meaning they weren’t attached to the sub floor. A layer of underlayment was first applied, then the floor installed over it. Where the planks connected, glue was required at the seams. But nowadays, glue is no longer part of the equation.

Uniclic was the first glueless locking system offered on any type of flooring and it made installation exceedingly simple. What was a relatively easy process became a very easy process by eliminating the gluing step in the process. It was very common for installers to use too much or too little glue. This either created gaps between planks or swelling where the planks met. Manufacturers adapted and click laminate flooring became the industry standard. In many ways, we can thank laminate flooring for all click hard surface floors.

Laminate Flooring Today

Laminate has come an incredibly long way and not just in its ease of installation. When at one time it was fairly evident a laminate was a laminate, now they can be nearly indistinguishable from real hardwood flooring. There are cheap laminate floors that still don’t fit the bill, but the better laminate floors look exactly like the wood flooring they intend to mimic.

Today you’ll find hand scraped laminate flooring, antique wood-look laminate flooring, laminates with finely beveled edges and textured finishes... it goes on and on. Whatever you can find in a wood floor you can likely find its virtual clone in laminate flooring.

We have a tremendous selection of the best laminate floors right here. Because we’re able to buy in large volume and can warehouse or own inventory, we get the best price. Our low overhead allows us to then pass those savings onto you and that’s how you get the lowest prices on laminate prices on laminate flooring.

If you have any questions, call one of our factory trained flooring experts and see how we earned our top-rated customer service rating.