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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a practical choice for just about anywhere in your home. Its ease to install and toughness have made it a popular alternative to hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring and ceramic tile. iFLOOR has an excellent selection laminate flooring in a wide variety of colors, styles and textures. Our direct link to the factories, volume buying power and large warehouse inventory mean you get the biggest discounts on brand name laminates and the fastest shipping to your home. » Learn about iFLOOR Laminate Flooring or see the Clearance Specials

About Our Selection of Laminate Flooring

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  1. X-Grain Khaki - 12mm Laminate

    X-Grain Khaki - 12mm Laminate

    Sale Price: $3.09 /SF
    X-Grain Khaki - 12mm Laminate Learn More
  2. Roasted Grain - 12mm Laminate

    Roasted Grain - 12mm Laminate

    Sale Price: $3.09 /SF
    Roasted Grain - 12mm Laminate Learn More
  3. X-Grain Sable - 12mm Laminate

    X-Grain Sable - 12mm Laminate

    Sale Price: $3.09 /SF
    X-Grain Sable - 12mm Laminate Learn More
  4. Rugged Khaki - 12mm Laminate

    Rugged Khaki - 12mm Laminate

    Sale Price: $3.09 /SF
    Rugged Khaki - 12mm Laminate Learn More
  5. Prairie Brown - 12mm Laminate

    Prairie Brown - 12mm Laminate

    Sale Price: $3.09 /SF
    Prairie Brown - 12mm Laminate Learn More