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Rustics Premium

The look of premium domestic and tropical exotic hardwoods with rustic appeal.
L0242, L0243, L6602, L6603 and L6604
  • Embossed-in-register (EIR) and hand scraped surface
  • Micro bevel edges and ends.
  • Medium and low gloss
  • 5.6" to 7.6" plank widths
  • 12mm thick planks for solid feel and sound absorption
  • Commerical VisionGuard® with AC4 wearlayer
  • 50-Year Residential/10-Year Commercial warranty

L6561, L6563 and L6564
  • Hand scraped surface
  • Pressed edges and ends
  • Medium gloss
  • 5.3" wide planks
  • 12mm thick planks for solid feel and sound absorption
  • VisionGuard® with AC3 wear layer
  • 30-Year Residential/10-Year Light Commercial/5-Year Commercial warranty