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Laminate Flooring: Brand Wars

Laminate Flooring

When considering which laminate flooring brand is the right for you, a lot is dependent on the quality of materials used to manufacture the floor. Some cut corners which ultimately degrades the quality of the finished product. That's why we're very discriminating about the laminate we sell.

Many first became familiar with laminate flooring when Pergo made its U.S. launch in the nineties, but since many have entered and left the market. In the beginning, it was much like a modern day gold rush. Factories all over the world couldn't make it quickly enough, competition intensified and quality began to suffer. There are still manufacturers that produce low quality flooring at ridiculously low prices, and as cheap as those laminates can be, they're still not worth it.

Laminate floors have come an extremely long way in the last 20 years. They're tougher, easier to install (glue-less), look identical to real hardwood flooring and still very economical. Honestly, they used to look like what they were, which was a picture of wood. That is simply no longer the case.

Laminate floor comparisons have become extremely difficult. It's hard to determine the quality of a floor from a sample, not to mention everyone saying their product is the best. Laminates are no different than most products in that way.

Our experience and expertise is why we carry brands like Armstrong, Westhollow, Quick Step and Woodstock. Each have developed great reputations for being an excellent value for the quality received, as well as the long term durability. While there are other brands, these are the laminates we've found to perform the best over the years and what we feel represent the best selection, quality style and price.

If this is a diy flooring project, the click or lock together, making for a long afternoon (or weekend).

Once you install a quality laminate floor, it's likely you'll not have to install another one. Even if you end up going a little over budget, it will more than pay for itself in the long run.