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iFLOOR FInish Taber Testing Results

What is floor finishing?

The finishing process of a floor is the final step in the process. It can be done by the factory or done at the jobsite after a flooring is installed. Ultimately, a floor finish determines how long a floor will be resistant to wear, and that’s why floors with the iProtect finishing systems last longer than other floors.

What’s it all mean?

Very simply, we used red oak as our baseline comparison. Red Oak is the most common wood flooring sold and known for its hardness, while also the most popular floor chosen by builders and professionals. A wood species that’s even harder is Brazilian Walnut, also known as Brazilian Ipe. We’ve compared our bamboo flooring to these other hard woods to give you an idea of exactly how durable our bamboo floors are.

Why is iFLOOR Bamboo better?

Our products' standard finish can be compared to other manufacturers’ top level finishes. Each floor we sell has 6-8 coats of high quality Klumpp or Treffert finish, aluminum oxide. and UV curing. The higher range bamboo floors use 9-11 coats, twice the aluminum oxide and UV curing for unparalleled toughness. When independently tested, the testing facility was blown away by the quality of the finishes our manufacturers use.

Head to Head Comparison

We could simply post our own testing results and let you do all the work, or we can just show you the results of our high-end bamboo competitors. We’ve compared our bamboo floors to the very best out there, and the results weren’t only clear, they were night and day.

While we could charge considerably more for our bamboo flooring, we understand that when you’re installing a new floor, that’s likely not the only project you have in the works. For many, price is an object, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. At iFLOOR, you get high-end quality at discounted bamboo prices.

iFLOOR Bamboo Taber Testing Results

Whether it’s strand woven bamboo, vertical bamboo, horizontal bamboo... all of our bamboo floors, we provide a superior product at the biggest savings. That’s one combination that’s hard to beat.

See the results of our iFLOOR Bamboo Janka Hardness Rating, too.