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iFLOOR Flooring Janka Hardness Ratings

What is the Janka Hardness Scale?

A Janka hardness rating is the result of an independent testing facility that rates the hardness of a specific wood species. Manufacturers often have their floors tested so that consumers can actually compare one floor’s hardness to another floor’s hardness. Janka scales and their ratings can be confusing, as it seems there are different industry standards often used for the same species. That’s why the best way to do it is to test the finished floor to see exactly how well it will perform.


iFLOOR Flooring Janka Hardness Ratings


What’s it all mean?

Very simply, we used red oak as our baseline comparison. Red oak is the most common wood flooring sold and known for its hardness, while also the most popular floor chosen by builders and professionals. A wood species that’s even harder is Brazilian Walnut, also known as Brazilian Ipe. We’ve compared our bamboo floors to these other hard woods to give you an idea of exactly how durable they are.


How do we compare?

Comparing our bamboo floors to wood is one thing, but comparing them to competitors’ bamboo flooring is quite another. In the end, this is what matters to you. And as you can see, our bamboo is considerably harder than the rest. We didn’t come up with these numbers, these numbers are our own independent testing results and those taken directly from our competitors’ websites. Not only is our bamboo harder, in some cases, almost 50% harder than our competitors’ best bamboo floors. That means iFLOOR bamboogives you the maximum performance, durability and longevity.


Flooring Product iFLOOR Competitor #1 Competitor #2 % Difference
Spring Garden 1700 1380 1365 21%
Spring Garden 2100 N/A 1950 9%
Sacred Mountain & Brushed Artisan 4650 2789 3428 26%
Sacred Mountain & Morning Blossom 5150 3000 3438 34%
Sacred Mountain 5050 2895 2731 43%
Highlighted field indicates hardest item between comparable styles.
N/A indicates product not available.


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