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A perfect blend of old-world European craftsmanship and today's state of the art technology, Westhollow® Flooring brings you the most beautiful and durable floors.

Westhollow® Floors is the leading provider of superior quality hardwood flooring solutions in North America. The Westhollow® name is synonymous with quality floor coverings due to its serious dedication to quality control, as well as the unique research and development process Westhollow® Flooring undertakes for its wide-ranging floor products.

As one of the leading suppliers in the field of high-end flooring, Westhollow® offers a comprehensive collection of hardwood, cork, bamboo and laminate flooring systems.

Why Westhollow Flooring?

  • Leading manufacturer of floors in the world
  • One of the fastest growing brands in flooring
  • Offers some of the best quality flooring ever seen
  • More flooring categories and products
  • Constantly developing new colors and new products
  • Floors are designed to minimize environmental impact
  • Warranties up to 55 years
Westhollow Flooring
Westhollow Hardwood Flooring room scene

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