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Contractor's Choice

Contractor’s Choice hardwood flooring is the clear leader when it comes to value. A long-time choice of the professionals, Contractor’s Choice offers easy to install, durable floors that perform under active conditions. These wood floors are offered in a variety of species from gorgeous Maple to exotic Sapele. While value-priced for those on a tight budget, quality isn’t sacrificed. UV cured polyurethane and aluminum oxide provide a durable surface that resists scratches caused by tracked-in dirt, toys, and family pets.

Contractor's Choice Hardwood Floors

  • UV Cured Finish
  • Offers Both Domestic and Exotic Species
  • Great Quality at an Affordable Choice
  • Contractor's Choice offers laminate flooring, too.
Contractors Choice Hardwood Flooring
Contractors Choice Hardwood Flooring room scene

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