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Small bakery expands to building with laminate flooring

laminate flooring
Small bakery expands to building with laminate flooring The Bristol Bakery in Bristol, Rhode Island, has been so popular since it opened shop in 1998 that the owners recently had to expand their store to two locations. EastBayRI.com reports that the owners found it difficult to keep up with the increased demand.

In addition to providing David and Elena Williams with more space to operate their business, the new shop boasts a beautiful interior as well. The space is furnished with oak-trimmed cabinets and shelves, which are accented with lemon walls. According to the news source, amber-colored laminate flooring rounds out the space. Despite the expansion, the business still retains its small-town charm.

"There's something particularly rewarding about this work because you get to know people," David told the news provider. "You become a cornerstone, an important part of the neighborhood."

While the Williams' used laminate flooring to complement their cozy bakery decor, the material can benefit homeowners as well. According to the North American Laminate Flooring Association, laminate is available in a number of different styles and can effectively mimic the appearance of other materials.