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Senior center installs walker-friendly laminate flooring

laminate flooring
Senior center installs walker-friendly laminate flooring The senior center in Moses Lake, Washington, was recently awarded $5,000 to make the area more accessible to some of those who frequent the location. The Columbia Basin Herald reports that much of the money will be spent on replacing the center's carpet with new laminate flooring.

Senior center officials decided to install the material in an effort to make the center more versatile. It currently offers older adults computer classes, sewing and quilting activities, but the new floor may open up the space to hosting dances and exercise classes. In addition to versatility, the center's general manager Carry Liles said that it may also help individuals who use an aid to walk.

"Many of our members use walkers, and sometimes I see them struggle with pushing their walkers on the carpet. Having the new floor will let them walk a little bit easier without feeling like they're going to trip," Liles told the news source.

For individuals who live with an elderly relative who uses a walker, laminate flooring may be a good choice. The North American Laminate Flooring Association reports that the material is scratch and impact-resistant so it can withstand the wear that a walker or cane may cause.