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Maryland home exudes calming atmosphere with hardwood flooring

Maryland home exudes calming atmosphere with hardwood flooring The rigors of everyday life can sometimes leave an individual in a world of stress and worry. The Gazette reports that one home in Cheverly, Maryland, offers prospective buyers a temple of tranquility that can tame their tension.

In addition to a calming fishpond and an elegant garden in the backyard, the home includes a number of interior features that make it a serene environment. Among the highlights is the kitchen, which is replete with natural lighting that is let in by a greenhouse window and is complemented by a breakfast nook.

According to the news source, the living room is an impressive area as well. Along with track lighting and a large window that looks out the front of the abode, the living room is furnished with hardwood flooring that provides residents with a natural warmth.

Homeowners looking to include a calming element in their house may want to consider installing hardwood flooring. The National Wood Flooring Association reports that the material may increase the value of a home as well, as 90 percent of real estate agents report that homes with hardwood flooring sell faster and at a higher price than others.