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Interior designer from Philadelphia creates award-winning kitchen

Interior designer from Philadelphia creates award-winning kitchen In previous decades, the living room may have been the common area where family members were most likely to spend their leisure time - whether they were watching a TV show together, or just talking about their days.

However, Joanne Hudson, an interior designer based in Philadelphia, seems to think that the kitchen is the new gathering place. And, she took top honors with her innovative and modern kitchen design at a national design contest, according to Philly.com, so we're guessing that she knows a thing or two about it.

Hudson sought to produce a creative design that still kept with the traditional feel of the house, the news provider reports.

For homeowners who would like to make the kitchen the epicenter of their family's home life, a few sleek updates can make the space seem more inviting.

Instead of cold tile, hardwood flooring will add a warm, inviting aura to the room, especially if the kitchen receives natural light.

Not only will hardwood floors be a gorgeous addition to the culinary center of a home, but they will also increase property value and make housecleaning easier.