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Hardwood flooring could tip a buyer in the right direction

Hardwood flooring could tip a buyer in the right direction Property values in the San Francisco Bay Area are notoriously high. And, though space may be limited, high-end touches like vaulted ceilings, hardwood flooring and granite countertops ensure that homeowners get what they pay for.

According to the The San Francisco Gate, which often culls through available homes and highlights options in several price ranges, properties in the million-dollar price bracket are likely to come equipped with top-notch kitchen appliances, two-car garages, convenient locations and upgraded bathrooms.

Homeowners who are thinking about putting their house on the marker could consider making upgrades to increase the return that they make on their investment.

For example, the visual impact and luxurious feel of hardwood floors in a kitchen or living room could be enough to tip a potential buyer in the right direction, and increase their willingness to meet your asking price.

Choose upgrades that enhance the atmosphere of your home. For example, if your space boasts plenty of natural sunlight, blonde hardwood flooring will make the most of that asset.