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Luxurious Calgary home features cork flooring in fitness room

cork flooring
Luxurious Calgary home features cork flooring in fitness room Although a spacious 5,642-square-foot home in Calgary, Canada, has been sold, local homebuilders are using it as a show house before the occupants move in due to its impressive size and amenities. The Calgary Herald reports that the temporary show-house features a number of appealing design elements that blend contemporary and traditional architecture.

The luxury of the home is immediately noticeable as there is a 34-foot rotunda that rises quickly after entering through the foyer. Much of the bottom floor includes 11-foot ceilings and is furnished with a number of different flooring materials including cork.

According to the news source, the three-bedroom abode also includes a spacious great room that is highlighted by a fire place and a patio that offers views of the woods in the backyard. The basement is appealing as well as it includes a fitness room that is replete with cork flooring.

Those looking for a versatile building material may want to consider installing cork flooring. TLC.com reports that, in addition to offering a cushioning feeling underfoot, cork flooring is also a good insulator as it is comprised of millions of air cells that can trap heat.