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New York couple creates eco-friendly dream home with bamboo flooring

New York couple creates eco-friendly dream home with bamboo flooring Joel and Laura Wysong planned extensively before they decided to invest in an eco-friendly design for their Trumansburg, New York, home, but it seems that it was well worth the wait. The Ithaca Journal reports that the couple's 1,500-square-foot home was recently among 30 homes that were featured in an open house tour of green homes.

The Wysong's abode focused primarily on reducing the amount of energy it consumed. There is no television, microwave or dishwasher in their home which, in addition to reducing their consumption, also saved the couple a significant amount of money. The results of their endeavor have pleased the couple greatly.

"It is blissful to live in this house," Laura told the news provider. "We are investing in our health and happiness."

Along with energy-efficiency, the Wysongs also used a number of environmentally-friendly materials such as bamboo flooring and non-toxic caulk.

Homeowners who want to go green may want to consider installing bamboo flooring. According to TLC.com, the material is harvested from a fast-growing plant, so it causes little damage to the environment to manufacture.