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Duluth home featured in tour complete with bamboo flooring

Duluth home featured in tour complete with bamboo flooring When John Morrison and his wife, Carrie Scherer, moved to Duluth, Minnesota, for his new job four years ago, they settled in one of the most appealing homes in the area. The Duluth News-Tribune reports that the house was one of several homes featured in the 27th annual Duluth Preservation Alliance Tour of Homes.

While the 1960s-era home features a breathtaking view of Lake Superior, it's the impressive features indoors that may have made it a standout on the tour. According to the news source, the first floor contains numerous skylights, and the home includes a 20-by-40-foot indoor swimming pool that serves as the center of the abode.

"The pool functions like a courtyard in our house," Scherer told the news outlet.

The couple has been in the process of renovating the home, and they replaced the original windows surrounding the pool with larger, floor-to-ceiling windows. Additionally, much of the original carpeting has been pulled up and replaced by bamboo flooring.

Homeowners who are in the process of renovating their home should consider the numerous advantages of installing bamboo flooring. TLC.com reports that the material is durable and can be dyed a variety of shades, so it can match with a number of styles.