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Development in Dayton uses bamboo flooring to lure buyers

bamboo flooring
Development in Dayton uses bamboo flooring to lure buyers A housing development in Dayton, Ohio, is using eco-friendly homes to lure prospective homebuyers. The Dayton Daily News reports that five of the six units have already sold, and their energy efficiency has been a big selling point.

"We didn't consider anything else. We wanted something new and interesting," John Holton, one of the first to move into the homes, told the news provider.

According to the news source, the homes have been shown to reduce electric bills by up to 30 or 40 percent through a number of ways. A wealth of natural sunlight cuts the need for heating, and the buildings also have improved air flow in the summer.

In addition to its energy saving features, the homes are also replete with many sustainable materials as well. Along with concrete counters and steel roofing, builders included bamboo flooring throughout much of the house.

Those looking to incorporate more green design elements into their home may want to consider installing bamboo flooring. TLC.com reports that the material offers a number of benefits, as bamboo flooring is eco-friendly and can be dyed to match a wide number of design styles. ADNFCR-2999-ID-19939609-ADNFCR