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Our Environmental Commitment

iFLOOR's Environmental Commitment

Since the beginning, one of our guiding principles was to only sell floors from companies with a solid commitment to the care of our planet. In fact, iFLOOR was the first to promote and sell green floors on a national scale. In fact, we were one of the only flooring stores you could even see a wide selection of earth-friendly bamboo or sensible cork floors.

Both bamboo and cork are born from sustainable, renewable resources while having tremendous benefits for our homes. But sometimes, floors with “green” claims are not as environmentally friendly as we’d hope.

It begins with the source materials, the forests from which they come and how those forests are managed, the efficiency of the factories and quality control, the conditions provided for their workers and even their compensation, whether off brand chemicals are used and if the proper disposal techniques are followed... the list goes on and on. Even a green material like bamboo can be made toxic and poison the environment while it’s being manufactured. It’s sad, but it’s true.

To be an iFLOOR vendor, we have to know where the materials come from, how they are being made, and that the company’s environmental commitment matches our own. We tour the factories, we get to know the people behind the organization, and then we decide whether we can put our name on it.

All floors you’ll find here have been sourced from well managed and FSC Certified forests. All HDF core floors (such as laminate, cork, engineered HDF bamboo, engineered HDF wood) are not only made largely from recycled materials but also Lacey and CARB compliant.

To us, “green” is more than just a marketing buzz word. It’s the foundation of our business.

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