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Westhollow manufactures a variety of floor types, but their cork flooring stands out in both look and its many benefits. Cork offers a unique look, a warm feel and a quieter step than any other type of hard surface flooring. Westhollow cork floors are environmentally friendly, naturally resistant to mold and mildew, hypoallergenic and made using no VOC’s. A thick cork wear layer is attached to a recycled HDF core that provides excellent impact resistance and sturdy foundation. Each cork board attaches using an exclusive click locking mechanism and the surfaces are protected by 6 coats of WRS varnish with aluminum oxide. For comfort, performance, easy maintenance and easy installation, there’s no better choice than Westhollow.

Westhollow Cork Floors

  • Made from Eco-Friendly Cork
  • Made Using NO VOC’s
  • 6 Coats Of WRS Finish With Aluminum Oxide
  • Exclusive Locking System for Easy Installation
  • Moisture Resistant Edge Sealing Technology
  • Available With Pad Already Attached
  • Excellent Residential Warranties
Westhollow Cork Flooring
Westhollow Cork Room Scene
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  1. Cork Flooring - Moroccan Falcon

    Moroccan Falcon - Cork

    Sale Price: $3.69 /SF
    Moroccan Falcon - Cork Learn More
  2. Maltese Falcon - Cork

    Maltese Falcon - Cork

    Sale Price: $3.69 /SF
    Maltese Falcon - Cork Learn More
  3. Natural Lattice - Cork

    Natural Lattice - Cork

    Sale Price: $3.69 /SF
    Natural Lattice - Cork Learn More
  4. Canyon Lattice - Cork

    Canyon Lattice - Cork

    Sale Price: $3.69 /SF
    Canyon Lattice - Cork Learn More
  5. Cork Flooring - Waffles

    Waffles - Cork

    Sale Price: $3.59 /SF
    Waffles - Cork Learn More
  6. Cork Flooring - Chocolat

    Chocolat - Cork

    Sale Price: $3.59 /SF
    Chocolat - Cork Learn More
  7. Cork Flooring - Bamboo

    Bamboo - Cork

    Sale Price: $3.99 /SF
    Bamboo - Cork Learn More
  8. Cork Flooring - Marble
  9. Cork Flooring - Marble Butternut
  10. Cork Flooring - Tiger Eye Allspice

    Tiger Eye Allspice - Cork

    Sale Price: $3.99 /SF
    Tiger Eye Allspice - Cork Learn More
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