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Envirochoice cork flooring is the right choice for the environment and the right choice for your home. These floors are made using no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and are manufactured with the utmost care for the environment. Their commitment to the health of our planet matches our own and it’s why we’re proud to offer these exciting green floors. Choose from an excellent selection of easy to install click cork flooring in a spectrum of unique cork designs. These floors feel warmer than other hard surface floors, yet they’re easy to clean and surprisingly durable. They also look fantastic.

EnviroChoice Cork Flooring

  • Made from Eco-Friendly Cork
  • Made Using No VOC’s
  • Exclusive 6 Layer WRS Varnish Finish
  • Exclusive Click Lock System
  • Pad Attached Makes Installation Even Easier
  • Excellent Residential Warranties
Envirochoice Flooring
Envirochoice Cork room scene
  • Moonstone - Cork

    Sale Price: $2.35 /SF