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iFLOOR Newsletter Article

Cork Flooring In The Kitchen

cork flooring

Most of us spend a ton of time in the kitchen. Whether you’re a foodie or have a hungry family (or both), your kitchen flooring becomes an important choice.

Durability is always a big concern, but what about comfort? When we think about hard surface flooring, most of us never ask, “What’s it going to feel like?” This is the kitchen we’re talking about, the place in your home where you likely spend most of your time standing up. Whether it be over a sink, a stove, a cutting board... the kitchen is where you’re mostly on your feet.

Cork has some unique properties that make it an excellent choice for one of the busiest rooms in our home. First, it’s comfortable underfoot. Cork compresses slightly under weight and springs back into place when the weight is removed. This slight give acts as a shock absorber, relieving pressure on your joints. So if you’re moving around a lot or even standing in one place for an extended period, cork flooring makes it a lot easier. Not to mention, any falling dishes have a better chance of making it through the ordeal.

Cork is filled with tiny air cells and that’s why it absorbs shock. But also, these air cells hold warm air. So not only does it feel softer, it feels warmer. Those in colder climates will come to very much appreciate cork flooring. It also prevents heat loss, adding valuable insulation to your home.

Have you ever been awakened by the sound of busy feet on hardwood or laminate? That’s another thing that cork gives you; a quieter step. If you have a mixed bag of early risers and night owls in your home, cork can go a long way in helping everyone to sleep a little longer.

The biggest concerns most have is what might happen in the event of a spill or something more serious like a busted pipe under the sink. For spills, no matter the floor, cleaning up in a timely manner is important. Cork will do no worse than other types of floors. And if the worst happens (dishwasher mishap, broken pipe, etc.), any flooring will likely need to be replaced and is usually covered under a homeowner’s policy.

Don’t be afraid to install cork flooring in the kitchen. In many ways, it’s the perfect application for it and a little outside the box. More often than not, that’s a great thing.