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The Trendy, Fashionable Looks In Laminate Flooring | iFLOOR

Posted on August 9, 2012 by iFLOOR There have been 0 comments

Laminate flooring continues to gain popularity. It is an affordable durable flooring options that offers you a tremendous assortment of design options to select from.

Currently, the trend in laminate flooring features planks that are wider and longer than the first laminate flooring planks. The extra width and length makes them look more like real hardwood flooring.

We have laminate flooring in everything from matte to high gloss finishes. A high gloss laminate floor covering is one of the most popular design choices. It adds luxury and elegance to any room.

We have dark colored laminate flooring that is in high demand for modern and contemporary homes. If your budget doesn't allow you to have the teak floor you would like for your contemporary home, we have an exquisite alternative that will make your home quite impressive. We have a teak 12mm laminate flooring that is budget-friendly and as visually impressive as the expensive teak flooring.

If you're goal is to create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere in a room, we have laminate in lighter tones that will help you achieve your design goal. If your color preference falls somewhere between ebony flooring and a light oak floor covering, we have a laminate to satisfy your decorating need.

There is a current move toward gray as an alternative to the basic neutrals that have been popular for the last several years. Choosing eco-friendly products for your home also continues to be a popular trend. We can help you achieve decorating success on both realms with our Beechwood click strand woven bamboo flooring.

It is amazing how even cheap laminate flooring can elevate the beauty of a room. It adds coziness with a touch of sophistication. Bamboo floors not only add beauty to your home, they are a way to demonstrate your concern for the environment.

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