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Ming Dynasty

Ming Dynasty manufactures some of the finest strand woven bamboo floors in the world. An enduring commitment to quality and the environment, Ming Dynasty produces a vast array of beautiful and earth friendly bamboo flooring in a gorgeous spectrum of colors. Click engineered and solid constructions are offered to suit a variety of needs. Quality materials sourced from FSC Certified forests, the latest in manufacturing techniques and the use of only the best finishing systems result in durable, easy to clean and incredibly stylish floors. Many choose these floors for kitchens, but they’re also great for the main living areas and even offices.

Ming Dynasty Bamboo Floors

  • Can Be Installed Over Concrete
  • Sourced From FSC Certified Forests
  • Available in Click Engineered and Solid Constructions
  • 11 Layer UV Cured Klumpp Finish
  • Available with Commercial Warranties
  • Excellent For Households With Kids And Pets
Ming Dynasty Bamboo Flooring
Ming Dynasty Bamboo Flooring room scene
  • 3/8" Click HDF Strand Woven Carbonized - Stone

    Sale Price: $2.39 /SF
  • 1/2" Strand Woven Carbonized Bamboo - Bronzed Spice

    Sale Price: $2.98 /SF
  • 1/2" Solid Strand Woven Bamboo - Arctic Brushed

    Sale Price: $3.19 /SF
  • 1/2" Solid Strand Woven Carbonized Bamboo - Sandpiper

    Sale Price: $3.19 /SF
  • 1/2" Solid Strand Woven Wide Plank - Cinder

    Sale Price: $3.26 /SF
  • 1/2" Crimson Solid Strand Woven Bamboo Wide Plank

    Sale Price: $3.36 /SF
  • 12mm T&G Engineered (Multi-ply) Strand Woven Bamboo Suede

    Sale Price: $3.59 /SF