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America's Famous Haunted Houses, Hotels & More!

There are many haunted places spread across the United States where restless spirits still linger. Haunted houses, hotels and various other places, whether famous or not, have become a part of America’s history and a paranormal affair within all cultures. These supernatural occurrences remain documented due to the strong interest of the unknown by the general public. Across America, you will find these popular haunted locations that inspire movies, television shows and thrilling attractions.

Bell Witch Cave - Adams, Tennessee

One of the most engaging ghost stories in American history is the haunting of the Bell Witch Cave between 1817 and 1821. A local farmer named John Bell and his family was plagued with a violent spirit for nearly four years in Robertson County. The haunting involved intense violence towards the family, frightening creatures and voices, and various sounds such as scratching and knocking. The ‘Bell Witch’ was identified as Kate Batts, a neighbor of John Bell who had experienced bad dealings with John over purchased slaves.

Lincoln Theater - Decatur, Illinois

On North Main Street in Decatur Illinois, you will find what is to be considered as the most haunted theater in the United States. The Lincoln Theater hauntings age back from 1930 to present day. The theater is thought to be built on an ancient Native American Burial Ground which was transformed into a hotel before burning to the ground killing everyone inside. The spirits that currently reside in the Lincoln Theater are thought to be of the people killed during that fire as well as the Native Americans.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium - Louisville, Kentucky

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium has all the makings of a good ghost story including roaming ghosts, eerie voices and cold spots. The hospital was a treatment facility for tuberculosis patients. Due to the lack of antibiotics and barbaric experimental treatments, over 64,000 patients died at Waverly Hills before streptomycin was founded in 1943. Many ghosts have been spotted within the walls of Waverly with the most common being an older women who has been seen running from the front door with her hands and legs in blood soaked chains.

Moore Home / Ax Murder House - Villisca, Iowa

June 10, 1912 marks the date of a tragic mass murder of the respected Moore family and two family guests. The Moore house was opened several years ago to overnight visitors such as paranormal investigators and ghost enthusiasts. Sounds of children’s’ voices, laughter, banging and moving lamps and objects have been found as evidence to the haunting.

Lemp Mansion - St. Louis, Missouri

Built in the 1860’s, the mansion was once home to the millionaire Lemp family. After the last member of the family died in 1970, occurrences of paranormal activity is said to have taken place, making the Lemp mansion one of the top ten haunted places in America. Strange reports have been made by visitors of the mansion such as a piano playing ragtime music, doors locking by themselves, lights switching off and on, poltergeist activity in the bar and disappearing objects.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - Midlothian, Illinois

The Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is the most haunted place in Chicago with many unexplained ghost sightings. Photos have been taken of ghosts, such as a famous snapshot of a transparent women sitting on a tombstone. One of the most famous ghosts reported at Bachelor’s Grove is one of a farmer and his horse who had drowned in a river. The haunting of this cemetery began in 1844 when the area was left as a burial ground, first known as ‘Everdon’s’.

Gettysburg Battlefield – Southern Pennsylvania

Gettysburg is home to a historical landmark which represents the battle between the South and North during the Civil War. The war cost the lives of over 48,000 soldiers whom now are believed to haunt the Gettysburg battlefield. Many people have experienced paranormal activity such as a leering orange light and ghosts of indentified soldiers roaming the area.

Alcatraz - San Francisco, California

For 29 years, Alcatraz held some of the world’s most dangerous criminals in the walls of this lonely prison. Currently, Alcatraz remains an attraction to the public as an inexplicable haunted house. After tourists leave for the day, watchmen have reported strange sounds and running coming from the upper tiers of the prison. Sights of glowing eyes and a sense of “insanity” comes from the torturous cells of the island prison.

Winchester Mansion - San Jose, California

The Winchester Mansion or ‘Mystery House’ contains a remarkable 160 unfurnished room’s build by Sarah Winchester. After losing her child to Marasmus disease, Sarah sought spiritual guidance from a medium. The medium convinced Sarah that spirits would take ‘revenge’ on her and her family. The many rooms in her home were thought to be a maze to confuse the spirits. The Winchester Mansion is believed to have many friendly ghosts and may have that spirit of Sarah Winchester.

Myrtles Plantation - St. Francisville, Louisiana

Ten murders have taken place on this site since the 1700s. The Myrtles Plantation is rumored to have been an ancient Indian burial ground and home of many odd phenomenons. Stories of a slave known only as ‘Cloe’ who had become her master’s mistress have been retold over the years. After being caught eavesdropping on his family, Cloe was punished by having her ear cut off.

Bobby Mackey's Music World - Wilder, Kentucky

After converting an abandoned warehouse into dancehall, country singer Bobby Mackey realized that the building he fell in love with may already be filled with souls. The building had been constructed in the 1850s and was used as a slaughterhouse. After the slaughterhouse closed in 1896, Satanists used the leftover animal blood for rituals and beheaded a woman during a ceremony. This tragic case, as well as several other unsolved mob cases, led to the ghostly haunting of Bobby Mackey’s Music World.

Old Slave House - Junction, Illinois

Hickory Hill, commonly known as the ‘Old Slave House’ was built by John Hart Crenshaw. The home housed kidnapped slaves in the attic which would lead to the indescribable haunting of the feared slaves for years to come. Although the ‘Old Slave House’ is now off limits to the public, previous visitors complained of strange noises in the attic such as the rattling of chains, cries, whimpers and an intense feeling of sadness in the home.

Congelier Mansion - Pittsburgh, PA

The Congelier Mansion was formally known as the ‘Most Haunted House in America’ located at 1129 Wright Congelier. The story of the haunted house began when the wife of the house, Lyda Congelier, found out about her husbands affair with the maid. Lyda stabbed Charles in revenge and cut off the maid’s head. After 20 years of the home being vacant, workers in the house began feeling the effects of the paranormal and two were found dead in the basement.

Aquia Church - Stafford, Virginia

There are various legends of the haunting surrounding Aquia Church with the most common being of the blonde haired lady in the belfry. The skeleton of a murdered blonde lady was found in the church in the 1700s. The blood stains remained on the floors for nearly 100 years before being replaced. Sounds can be heard at Aquia Church, such as running on the stairs and the noise of a violent struggle.

Belcourt Castle - Newport, Rhode Island

The ghosts of the Belcourt Castle have been residing in their home since 1956 and are active with visiting tourists. The castle’s ballroom consists of ‘haunted chairs’ which either allow you to sit or will throw you out. The suit of armor on the second floor has been rumored to scream at those who pass by. Sites of transparent ghosts walking through walls have also been reported.

The Devil's Tree - Bernards Township, New Jersey

An oak tree stands in Bernards Township, New Jersey and is not like any other tree you’ve every seen. The tree goes back to the time of the KKK where slaves were once hanged from its branches. Many believe that the tree is possessed by the Devil himself and if you damage it in any way, you open yourself to harm. Some have reported being chased from the tree in a black vehicle at night before disappearing into the darkness.

Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Quakers lobbied the legislature in Pennsylvania to create an inclusive penitentiary to punish prisoners and reform their ways. After being approved in 1822, the prison held criminals in solitary confinement, leading to insanity and death due to harsh conditions. Witnesses have seen laughter coming from the cell’s of the old prison, as well as ghostly figures and spectral shapes.

Hotel Chelsea - Manhattan, New York City

Hotel Chelsea has been occupant by many known celebrities such as Janis Joplin, Mark Twain, Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith and Dylan Thomas. The building still stands today and is filled with unique and artistic spirits. After being converted into an apartment complex, the Hotel Chelsea houses tenants in its soundproof, spacious rooms.

Lizzie Borden House - Fall River, Massachusetts

The Lizzie Borden House remains a landmark since the murders of Abby and Andrew Bordon on August 4, 1892 by their own daughter. Body impressions on newly made beds, mysterious smoke and noises have all came from the now Bed and Breakfast. The public is now allowed to view the murder scene and spend the night in the house where the horrific murders took place.

Montgomery House Bed and Breakfast - Kalama, Washington

Built in 1908, the Montgomery House Bed and Breakfast has alleged paranormal activity tied to the thousands of Native American deaths that took place on the land. Disembodied voices and apparitions have been captured on film in the Montgomery house. A documentary was later made about the home and its history.

The Mount Washington Hotel - Bretton, New Hampshire

The Mount Washington Hotel was built in 1902 by owner Joseph Stickney and held a staff of over 350 people. After Josephs unexpected death in 1903, his wife remarried and lived in the hotel until passing many years later. It said that her spirit still wanders the halls of the hotel and a romantic melody can be heard on the hotel balcony. The smell of perfume and the mysterious start of bath tubs all indicate the presence of spirits.

Old Louisville Neighborhood - Louisville, Kentucky

At 1473 St. James Court, you will find the haunted house known as the ‘Pink Palace’. Current owners of the home indicate at least one spirit watching over the families who live in the mansion. The spirit is described as an older gentleman with white hair and usually appears to residents who are close to facing danger.

RMS Queen Mary - Long Beach, California

The Queen Mary has been a popular feature of Long Beach for the last few decades. As one of the most popular cruise ships of all time, the Queen Mary is home to over 150 ghosts located in various locations on the ship. Sites of women wearing 1930’s swimsuits and wet footprints have been seen near the swimming pool decks years after the pools were closed.

The Stickney House - Bull Valley, Illinois

The Stickney House held George Stickney and his wife who loss their children due to a tragic plane crash. After trying to communicate with their dead children, spirits entered the home. Reports of lights flickering on and off, door knobs being turned and opened, strange sounds and moved objects are just a few of the odd occurrences at this residence.

The White House - Washington, D.C.

The White House is home to the President of the United States as well as ghosts of former presidents such as Abraham Lincoln. A number of other ghosts have also been seen at the White House including former Presidents Andrew Jackson and John Tyler. Wife of former President John Adams can be seen hanging laundry in the East Room.