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iFLOOR has a wide variety of flooring underlayment to suit any situation. Whether you need inexpensive underlayment to get the job done on a tight budget, or high density underlayment designed to insulate and absorb sound, iFLOOR has the perfect solution for you.
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Flooring Underlayment When purchasing a floating floor, flooring underlayment will play a key role in determining the way a flooring sounds and even the way it performs. Floating flooring is more of a functioning system, and the better the parts, the better that system will function. Before you make your final decision, consider this final step, because it will affect every step you take for many years to come.
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About Flooring Underlayment

  • Provides cushion
  • Sound barrier
  • Easy installation

Underlayment Comparison Chart
Wisperwalk Basic Underlayment Plus 3-in-1 Poly Vapor Barrier 6mil
This would be considered our basic underlayment and the bare minimum you’d need to install under a floating floor. The moisture barrier and adhesive tape are already attached, making installation simple. However, for the best performance you’ll want to consider an upgrade.

Sale Price: $0.29 /SF
A step up from our "Basic", and similar to our "Acoustic", this underlayment is 1.5mm thick and composed of a closed cell foam. While similar to the "Acoustic", this underlayment is a thinner and more dense form. It offers a superior sound rating to the "Acoustic", but does not compress as much, which makes it a great choice for LVT and those looking for a firmer feel underfoot.  * New product photo coming soon.

Sale Price: $0.55 /SF
Green Foam Wisperwalk Professional Wisperwalk Eco Cork 3mm Underlayment
3mm underlayment has the moisture barrier and tape already attached, allowing its installer a simple installation. Because of its high quality and ease to work with, this flooring underlayment is the most often chosen by professionals and diy flooring installers.  * New product photo coming soon.

Sale Price: $0.79 /SF
Cork underlayment is eco-friendly, made using no VOC’s and provides an excellent foundation for your floating flooring. In addition to providing a firm foundation for your floating floor, this 3mm cork underlayment is insulation-rated and helps prevents heating loss.

Sale Price: $0.56 /SF
Wisperwalk Eco Cork 6mm Underlayment Eco USA Ultimate Silencer High Density
This 6mm cork underlayment offers premium thickness and superior sound dampening, along with unmatched thermal insulation properties. It’s eco-friendly, easy to install and becomes a virtually impenetrable barrier between warm and cold air.

Sale Price: $0.96 /SF
This eco-friendly recycled rubber underlayment has attached moisture barrier and tape for easy installation. It's high density is perfect when trying to create the most silent floor possible. Anti-microbial UltraFresh makesit resistant to mold and mildew, while the Crushpruf(TM) technology keeps it from breaking down in high traffic areas.

Sale Price: $0.99 /SF