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Laminate flooring in affordable Utah apartments

laminate flooring
Laminate flooring in affordable Utah apartments Todd Call and his young family may be living in low-rent apartments in Midvale, Utah, but The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the units appear to be anything but that. With a number of impressive furnishings, his family of four can live comfortably at a price that is well within their means.

The three-bedroom apartment is in the Florentine Villas complex, and Call, a local high school math teacher, says that it is well above any of the other similar abodes that he has lived in in the past.

"When you walk in, you feel like you're in a home, instead of a run-down apartment," he told the news source.

Among the appealing features in the home is its brick and stuccco construction and the spacious kitchen that is replete with wood laminate flooring. In addition to its interior, the apartment complex is in a prime location,as it provides easy access to Salt Lake City as well as local shopping centers.

Homeowners looking for an attractive and cost-efficient update to their home may want to install laminate flooring. According to TLC.com, the material can replicate a wide variety of styles of hardwood, and is also especially durable.