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Couple get surprise renovation with laminate flooring

Couple get surprise renovation with laminate flooring Jennifer and Joe Salmond received a very welcome surprise earlier this month. The couple, which had been struggling financially since Joe became injured several years ago, were given a series of much needed home improvements by some generous stranger, St Catherine's The Standard reports.

According to the news source, a group of volunteers in conjunction with Community Care re-painted the couple's master bedroom, steam cleaned all the carpets, and replaced their broken washing machine.

The helpers also installed laminate flooring throughout the home's upper level, as well as flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. It seemed that the kindness of the volunteers has inspired Joe Salmond to pay it forward some day.

"I don't like to take anything from anybody," Joe told the news provider. "But I am extremely grateful, and hopefully some day when we get back on our feet, we can help somebody else out."

Laminate flooring provided the family with a material that will last them for many years to come. The North American Laminate Flooring Association states that laminate flooring is stronger and more scratch-resistant than many other flooring options.