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Auction features house with laminate flooring

laminate flooring
Auction features house with laminate flooring An auction later this month in Brainerd, Minnesota, will include three houses that contain many features that make it an attractive choice for perspective homebuyers, the Brainerd Dispatch reports.

According to the news provider, one of the most appealing homes is a 1,114-square-foot abode that is highlighted by a covered porch. Along with the porch, the house is complete with custom oak cabinets and an impressive kitchen that is furnished with wood-style laminate flooring.

While there is no set starting price for the homes, auctioneer Geri Paul is optimistic this and the other two buildings will bring in a good price

"As a general rule of thumb in a declining market, you look at an auction not as a last-ditch effort but as a way to get a real market value from the home," Paul told the news source.

Homeowners looking to switch up their decor to make it appealing to potential buyers can consider installing laminate flooring. TLC.com reports that the material has many advantages, particularly the fact that it is durable, which allows it to last longer than many other flooring options.