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Yoga mats being replaced by hardwood flooring

Yoga mats being replaced by hardwood flooring To many outsiders, a yoga mat seems like a necessary part of practicing the exercise. They seem to be a ubiquitous aspect of the culture, but The New York Times reports that many practitioners are eschewing the mat, and instead using the bare floor.

According to the news source, some instructors have done away with the rubber mats, instead opting to teach their classes on hardwood floor. In addition to being less wasteful and harmful to the environment, others feel that the pieces of rubber were hindering the ultimate goal of the practice.

"The lotus flow is a devotional dance," Dana Flynn, director of a New York yoga studio, told the news provider. "The rubber just got in the way."

Others say that the switch to hardwood flooring is a cleaner choice as well. The material is relatively easy to keep clean, and sharing mats can be somewhat unsanitary.

Homeowners who want to do yoga at home or are simply looking for an upgrade, should consider installing hardwood flooring. The National Wood Flooring Association reports that the material can improve air quality, as recent studies have shown that hardwood floors boast no methane or nitrogen oxide emissions.