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Updating kitchen may boost home's resale value

Updating kitchen may boost home's resale value While there are many rooms homeowners can redecorate to increase the resale value of their property, they may want to start with the kitchen. According to BlueRidgeNow.com, many buyers consider the kitchen to be the most important room in the house. But, with a few simple modifications like updated hardware and flooring, homeowners can spruce up the heart of their home.

To give their kitchen a boost, homeowners may want to start with the walls. Experts suggest that individuals remove wallpaper and replace it with a fresh coat of paint. In addition, they should touch up any chipped moldings and window frames.

The news source also recommends updating cabinets and drawers with new hardware and hinges. Cleaning out cabinets and fitting drawers with new liners will emphasize the amount of storage space that kitchens possess.

Experts at HomeSpace.com say that replacing flooring can attract the homebuyer's attention. If kitchen's boast hardwood flooring, refinishing them may enhance and highlight their appeal.

Homeowners can also reinvigorate their kitchens with new laminate flooring. This floor covering comes in a wide variety of patterns and prints - from tile to wood effect. Installing new laminate is inexpensive and will give kitchens a sparkling new look.ADNFCR-2999-ID-19784515-ADNFCR