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Termites can be a threat to hardwood flooring

Termites can be a threat to hardwood flooring While termites have been known to swarm in springtime, the pesky critters can make themselves at home in wood flooring and stick around well into summer. Experts suggest that homeowners with hardwood flooring should check for termites to eliminate the destructive creatures.

According to DIYLife.com, termites eat wood and other products containing cellulose, including floors, wallpaper, books and boxes. Homeowners should check their houses for signs of infestation.

The website warns individuals to look for piles of insect wings, as the flying critters shed their wings once they've settled in a new place to colonize. Mud tubes, the pathways termites create to travel through the ground and into homes, are also an indication that a termite infestation is nearby.

Homeowners will also want to pay close attention to their hardwood flooring. Dips, cracks and crevices in the wood's surface, or wood that seems to be flaking and falling apart, may be the result of a termite colony. Individuals can knock on their floors - if floors sound hollow, insects may be eating away underneath.

While there are many do-it-yourself solutions to rid one's home of termites, Termites101.org suggests homeowners enlist the help of a termite specialist to ensure that the pest management system is perfectly implemented and remains effective.ADNFCR-2999-ID-19842111-ADNFCR