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Hardwood flooring can anchor earthy decor

Hardwood flooring can anchor earthy decor

Hardwood flooring can anchor earthy decor A couple in Virginia, whose adult children had moved out, decided that they had had enough of living in an oversized five-bedroom home. The Baltimore Sun reports that Noreen and Eric Victor decided to retire to Baltimore, Maryland, to live in a more modest-sized abode.

Although they had the right location, the Victor's were unsure as to what direction to take when it came to interior design. The couple enlisted the help of local expert Steve Appel to aid them in giving their new abode a fresh feeling.

"Steve was such a help to us when we decided to go contemporary," Noreen told the news source. "Everything here is brand new, except one chair on the third floor."

In addition to a contemporary atmosphere, Appel also focused on including an earthy decor highlighted by granite countertops, brown and beige and brown ceramic tiles and Brazilian cherrywood flooring.

Homeowenrs looking to add an earthy feel to their house may want to consider installing similar hardwood flooring. Along with providing a beautiful aesthetic, the National Wood Flooring Association reports that the material is effective at improving indoor air quality as it is easy to remove dust, dirt and other contaminants from it.