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Families can enjoy hardwood floors for years to come

Families can enjoy hardwood floors for years to come Many homeowners love the look of hardwood floors, but are hesitant to install the flooring because they're afraid that the wear-and-tear of pets, kids, and the hustle and bustle of family life will be too much.

However, experts suggest that hardwood flooring may actually be an ideal option for those with kids or cats and dogs, because it's more resilient and easier to clean than carpeting.

Carpet can act as a trap for allergy-attack inducing animal dander, and it's easy for ticks, fleas and pet hair to become imbedded in the flooring. For families with young children who are likely to crawl over and play on the floor, hardwood floors are a safe and sanitary option that can make it easier to maintain a hygienic environment despite pets.

And, while carpets have a lifespan of a few years, hardwood floors are incredibly resilient and long-lasting. As the years go on, solid hardwood can be re-sanded time and time again, which ensures that your investment will continue to look like new and be enjoyed for decades.