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Customized homes are a hard sell

Customized homes are a hard sell Highly customized homes were, at one time, a desired treat, but are difficult to sell when the owner decides to move on. Realtors warn that while a customized house may feel luxurious and special, homeowners may want to keep in mind that the unique features can make a house much harder to sell.

Because a customized home is designed for one particular person (or family), it may not appeal to the general population, reports WalletPop.com.

Customized homes can include such extreme features as a retractable bedroom ceiling, a guitar-shaped pool and glass flooring.

Some real estate agents suggest that their clients get rid of customizations prior to putting their house on the market.

For those with peculiarly floored homes, or homeowners who are simply looking to increase the resale value of their house, LendingTree.com recommends installing hardwood flooring. The news outlet reports that wood flooring can increase a home's value by up to 10 percent.

A light to mid-colored wood may help to open up the living space, and may appeal to homebuyers more than dark finishes.ADNFCR-2999-ID-19764879-ADNFCR