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Self guided home tour features house with cork flooring

cork flooring
Self guided home tour features house with cork flooring The Portland Architecture and Design Festival is an event than runs throughout the month of October, and provides designers with the opportunity to take in exhibits, shows and receive awards. The Oregonian reports that one of the highlights of the festival is a self-guided tour through some of the Beaver State's most impressive homes.

The event, called Design Matters: A Tour of Portland Homes, is slated to take place October 9, and features the work of six architectural firms in Portland, Oregon. The homes on the tour were selected by two local experts - it is open to anyone, and boasts a number of striking buildings.

Among those showcased in the tour is an abode tucked away in the woods that strives to be as green as possible. In addition to a central courtyard, the house's interior is furnished with bamboo and cork flooring, and is constructed with locally harvested timber and eco-friendly paint.

Homeowners who are interested in being environmentally friendly may want to consider installing cork flooring. TLC.com reports that the material is constructed of millions of air cells, making it energy-efficient as it is an excellent insulator.