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Miniature home boasts cork flooring

Miniature home boasts cork flooring Minimalists, and those who would like to reduce their next abode's carbon footprint and price, could consider looking into a miniature home, which boasts clean and chic living space (though notably not much of the latter) as well as cutting-edge green materials like cork flooring.

A miniature home being showcased in Oregon boasts cork flooring and a fireplace, according to Portland Monthly Mag.

The 56-square-foot structure is designed to serve as an added living area for families, or as a stand-alone abode for those who are willing to give it a try. Ting House Design was devised by Dee Williams and Katy Anderson, the Portland Alternative Dwellings company founders, according to the news provider.

Though the material has been around for generations, it seems that cork flooring has been growing in popularity as of late as attention has been brought to the sustainable, durable and cost-effective building material.

The homes, which are built to be stout and durable, come complete with electric radiant heat through the cork flooring, a kitchen nook, desk, and a pull-out double bed.