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Generation Y leaning toward eco-friendly homes

Generation Y leaning toward eco-friendly homes

cork flooring
Generation Y leaning toward eco-friendly homes A new generation is beginning to buy homes, and the Calgary Herald reports that they have a new set of expectations.

According to the news source,comma the group of individuals born between 1977 and 1995, also known as Generation Y, are causing changes in the way markets look at consumers through much of North America. Among the differences to previous generations, this group tends to be more money-conscious and is willing to sacrifice size if it will save them money.

"Most Gen Y-buyers are more comfortable starting off without getting in over their heads by picking up a big mortgage," real estate expert Shane Wenzel told the news provider.

Perhaps the biggest area where potential home buyers differ from previous consumers is their concern for the environment. According to the news outlet, many home buyers are interested in using low volatile organic compound paints, water-based adhesives and renewable products.

Those who are looking to use eco-friendly materials in their home can install cork flooring. Along with being made from a rapidly renewable source, TLC.com reports that the floor covering provides homeowners with an especially durable flooring option that can last for upward of 100 years if maintained properly.ADNFCR-2999-ID-19922565-ADNFCR