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Edmonton homeowner discovers appeal of cork flooring

cork flooring
Edmonton homeowner discovers appeal of cork flooring Edmonton resident Keri Ebertz was getting ready to redo her kitchen when she came across a bold and dramatic floor that she immediately decided she had to add. The Edmonton Journal reports that Ebertz installed cork flooring, and she has certainly not regretted the choice.

While she was originally attracted by the visual appeal of the floor, she was unsure of how the material would fare in the highly trafficked kitchen. According to the news source, industry experts say that cork flooring is surprisingly durable.

"It's very water-resistant," industry insider Kristin Krokis told the news outlet. "Think of using cork in wine bottles - it doesn't leak. For higher-moisture areas like the front entry, kitchens and half-baths, it's a popular choice. It's warm, soft to walk on and durable."

In addition to being durable and offering a pleasing aesthetic, cork is among the most environmentally friendly materials available to homeowners. According to the Cork Institute of America, the material is harvested from the bark of the cork tree, which regenerates its outer layer about once every 12 or 13 years during it's 150 year lifespan.